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WordPress Troubleshooting Guide - Troubleshoot a broken WordPress Site

WordPress Troubleshooting Guide: What is Breaking Your Site?

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WordPress Troubleshooting Guide When you go online, and find your website is down or is showing an error, this WordPress troubleshooting guide will show you several things that you can do to gain access to your site and get things up and running again – I CAN Access My WordPress Admin Sometimes, even when your site won’t load, you can still access your WordPress admin. Here are our WordPress Troubleshooting GuideĀ steps to help you troubleshoot issues from the WordPress admin area. Before following any steps found in this WordPress Troubleshooting Guide BACKUP YOUR WEBSITE!! Always before making changes especially as part of the troubleshooting process, keep a current backup of your site just in case anything goes wrong! Look for Error Messages: If there is a clear error message that names a particular plugin or points to the theme, then the first thing to do is to is disable that…

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