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WordPress Training: Build Your Own Professional Website In ONE Day

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Date: Saturday, Sept 19, 2015
Time: 9am – 4pm
Location: 2940 W Maple Loop, Lehi, UT
Cost: $999 $499
Price Includes Lunch

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Need a new website and don’t want to spend $5,000?

This is not just a class to teach you how to build a website. In this WordPress training, you will actually be building a website that day.

You show up in the morning with an idea for a website and leave that evening with a site live on the internet.

A Smartphone Friendly Website Continues to Become More Important

WordPress training - Build a WordPress site in ONE day!This year, with 80% of internet users accessing the web via smartphones, Google raised the bar by factoring in mobile friendliness into search engine ranking scores.

The cost of a professional business website that is mobile friendly starts at around $5,000. This does not include the cost for site maintenance, which can cost business owners $100s every month.

It can make the idea of having a professional business website feel impossible, even though an online presence is increasingly important to the success of your business. With WordPress training from WPSlopes, creating your own professional website can become a reality.

What Can You Do?

You don’t need know any programming languages or have past experience. We make website building easy.

With our WordPress training, you will create a professional website in one day for only a fraction of the cost! Sound Impossible? It isn’t. While it is true that the internet is evolving and becoming more complex, so are the tools for website design.

We use WordPress to create websites.wordpress-logo copy

WordPress started as a blogging platform, but quickly evolved into a full fledged CMS (content management system) that now runs 20% of the web, including high powered corporate sites like UPS, eBay, and IBM.

The truth is that with a little know how, even a beginner can learn how to set up a professional looking website with complex functionality for very little cost.

Benefits of Using WordPress

User Friendly

If you can use a word processor, you can easily use WordPress to create a great looking website. The WordPress text editor can be used to create simple blogs or complex ecommerce websites.

Manage Your Site From Anywhere

Because WordPress sites are managed through your browser, your site can be managed from any location, as long as you have an internet connection, making it ideal for business sites.

No Special Software Needed

WordPress contains everything necessary to create, edit, and display your website through your browser. Once it is installed on your host server, there is no need for any other software.

Great for SEO

Search engines LOVE WordPress! Its code is very clean, so search engines are able to easily find, read and index your site’s content. You can easily add SEO data to every page and image.

Lower Costs

Because WordPress is an open source project, the costs of using it are very low compared with a site created with other more expensive web publishing software programs.

No Need to Learn HTML

While knowing HTML and other coding languages can certainly extend what you can do with WordPress, coding knowledge is completely unnecessary to create a WordPress site.

Get Your Business Online for Success Using WordPress! Register Now

WordPress Training Course Schedule

Section 1

What is WordPress?

Open Source – What it is and what it means?

Content Management Systems

Architecture based on PHP and MySQL –

WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) post editor

“Code is Poetry” – Matt Mullenweg

Finding the Right Webhost

The difference between the domain, the web hosting, and the website?

Choose a webhost based on business requirements:

  • regular web traffic
  • type of site needed (simple one page site or full blown e-commerce)
  • size of files and images you need to display, etc.

Installing WordPress

Step by step guided install of your WordPress

One click WordPress install versus manual install

Section 2

WordPress Setup and Site Configuration

Setting up a new WordPress install — playing with all the settings and configurations in the WordPress admin menu:



Custom post types

The media library


Appearance menu



Settings (general reading, writing, media, permalinks)

Working with WordPress Themes

WordPress themes – free themes (what to watch out for and why it is worth it to buy a premium theme)

Where you can buy themes

What to look for in a theme

Level of skill required for setup

Working with Widgets

What widgets are and how to set them up – these will vary depending on the theme and plugins installed

Break for Lunch

Section 3

Design Principles for the Web

Design considerations for websites –

Color schemes and eye strain, readability, etc. – tools for finding color schemes? (

Business image and ‘personality’

Ease of use – ability to find the most important features, etc.

Working with Images

Copyright issues

Where to find graphics for your site

Image size and quality – bigger isn’t always better

Types of images and their best purposes (jpg, png, gif, etc)

Image optimization

Adding images to the WordPress media library

Using the wordpress image editor (it might not be the best tool available, but works if you don’t have access to anything else)

Inserting images and media into pages and posts (image alignment and size)


Web safe fonts

Google Fonts

Headings and font styles

Fonts and color (please resist the urge to make giant multicolored headlines;)

Section 4

Extending the usefulness of your site with Plugins

What is a plugin?

Where to find plugins (premium vs free)?

How to find and install plugins?

How to tell if a plugin is safe for your website – what to look for (ratings, date last updated, quality of support, etc)?

Resisting the urge to go crazy with plugins – what happens if you have too many?

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Plugin and Other Must Have Add-ons


Contact Form 7

Duplicate Post


plugins for special functions

Going Live

Final checklist of things to check before going live

  • double check links
  • verify content
  • contact information

then celebrate your new website!

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